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Indian Head Massage...

Indian Head Massage is a therapy which has evolved from traditional techniques that have been practised as part of Indian family ritual for thousands of years.    Women are taught the tradition of head massage & grooming from their mothers and barber's sons learn the techniques from their fathers. 
In Indian traditions, it is believed that massage preserves the body's life force & energy and is the most powerful way of relaxing & rejuvenating the body.

This wonderfully relaxing treatment involves massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head & face.  It is conducted in a seated position on an upright chair.    You will be asked to remove your top and will be given a towel to wrap around your upper body.   A choice of organic oils are then used to massage your upper back, arms, neck & face.   The use of oil on your scalp & hair is optional.
Indian Head Massage can be beneficial for headaches, migraine, insomnia, sinus problems, muscular tension, stress & anxiety, as well as improved hair & scalp condition.
Indian Head Massage can be booked as 30, 45 or 60 minute treatments to suit your budget & needs.  It can also be "mix & matched" with Reflexology or a relaxing foot massage for a wonderful "Head to Toe" experience.
Benefits can be felt as early as the first session, but often a course of treatments is recommended for maximum effect.    Pre-paid discount packages are available for all single treatment options (see Treatment Prices for details).
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