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 Japanese Face Massage...

TSUBOKI Japanese Face Massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, for people who want to feel good on the inside AND the outside.

Based in part on the principles of Acupressure, it is a modern take on the meridian theory, which goes back thousands of years in Japan and China. The Japanese believe that beauty is more than skin deep and that to be beautiful you have to be healthy too.  

TSUBO = acupressure point - this is a place along a meridian where the energy can be most influenced, affecting the body on many levels

KI = the energy that flows through the meridians.

TSUBOKI = massage using the tsubos to influence the flow of Ki in the body!

A full Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage follows 4 key stages:-

STAGE 1 : A therapeutic neck massage to reduce tension in the neck muscles and increase circulation to the face.

STAGE 2 : A comprehensive face massage using delicately fragranced organic facial oil - to enhance the condition & appearance of the skin, improve circulation and relax & tone the facial muscles.

STAGE 3 : Detailed working of over 50 facial tsubos & 8 meridians - to improve skin condition, diminish wrinkles & stimulate the facial nerves. Tracing the 8 meridians, or energy pathways, can influence the flow of energy throughout the body.

STAGE 4 : Lymphatic drainage to encourage the elimination of toxins from the tissues and reduce puffiness.

The stages & techniques of Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage combine to create a deeply relaxing, restorative treatment. Regular treatments can improve skin & muscle tone, as well as enhance the general appearance of the face - often described as a "natural facelift".

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage can be booked as 30 or 45 minute treatments.  It can also be "mix & matched" with Reflexology for a wonderful "Head to Toe" experience.

Benefits can be felt as early as the first session, but often a course of treatments is recommended for maximum effect. Pre-paid discount packages are available for all single treatment options (see Treatment Prices for details).

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