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"Professional service in a beautiful treatment room... Jenny offers a great and satisfying service that you would definitely want to repeat."  Pauline (Hillingdon - Feb'22)

"Oh My Goodness... where do I start, from the moment I stepped into Jenny's treatment room I felt so at ease. Her knowledge and experience is of such a high standard you feel in safe capable hands. The journey she takes you on during your treatment is so amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I can not wait to go back for more."  Debbie (Dulverton - Nov'21)

"Jenny is an amazing reflexologist, she is calming, understanding and very knowledgeable about the body, stress and spirituality. She is friendly and puts you at ease immediately. I was gutted when she moved to Dulverton, my poor feet and soul have not been the same since. Highly recommended!"  Kim (High Wycombe - Nov'20)

"I have had many visits to Jenny and would recommend her to everyone. Not only does she provide an outstanding service of Reflexology, she also has such a wonderful way with people and makes you feel at ease and relaxed straight away. Jenny has really helped me through her treatments and is a special lady. A wonderful service and highly recommended." Kelly (Holmer Green - Jun'20)

"Jenny... one of the loveliest people I have met in my life." Jon (Wells - May'20)

"Such a pleasure to have had Reflexology from a lovely caring person. We miss her in Bucks and hope other people will have the pleasure and same friendliness of treatment in her new home." Linda (Tylers Green - May'20)

"Simply THE Best!" Angie (Penn - May'20)

"Beautiful treatments with a beautiful caring lady. The treatments are just wonderful. x" Larrayne (Tylers Green - May'20)

"I was so honoured to be the first person in your new treatment room yesterday! It was so relaxing and just magical to have your Reflexology treatment. Dulverton residents are so lucky to have you on their doorstep! xx" Melissa (Hazlemere - Mar'20)

"Jenny was the most knowledgeable, most relaxing and my far the best Reflexologist I had found. Would recommend her to anyone." Kim (High Wycombe - Mar'20)

"Dulverton are indeed lucky to have you treat them but not only that your friendliness is sadly missed in Tylers Green." Linda (Tylers Green - Mar'20)

"Amazing news that you're now living out a lifelong dream. I wish you every happiness. I remember my Japanese Face Massage and it was one of the best things I've ever experienced. Such a shame for us back in Bucks that you are no longer here, but good for you!". Lucie (Hazlemere - Feb'20)

"Thank you or the service provided today. My Mum was very happy with the treatments and thoroughly enjoyed her session. Will re-book when she is next visiting" Asad (High Wycombe - Oct'18)

"Lovely treatments, beautiful treatment room. Really friendly therapist." Tracey (Penn - Aug'18)

"I look forward to my treatments with Jenny. She makes every treatment so special and you come out so relaxed!" Melissa (Hazlemere - May'18)

"Wish I could book!!! Yet to meet a Reflexologist like u!!" Kate (Torquay - Mar'18)

"Amazing, thanks so much (Gift Voucher)! The little gift bag and card are fabulous - really make it so special! Thanks again." Nicole (Penn, Mar'18)

"Jen is the most amazing healer. Just try one of her treatments once - you will come back for sure. There has to be some divine intervention involved." Shahina (Brighton - Jul'17)

"I had the best reflexology treatment with Jenny, she is such a wonderful person and an amazing therapist. I was so relaxed I fell asleep during the treatment and it felt wonderful. I felt so relaxed and calm following the treatment, I bought a session for my mum. Would not hesitate in recommending Jenny." Mandy (Penn - May'17)

"I was a non-believer but this truly is an incredible experience - you will come away feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. In a world full of chaos and angst just breathing can be such a luxury sometimes. Jenny helps people to breathe." Sharon (High Wycombe - Mar'17)

"Dear Jenny. Thank you for this morning. You are a life saver! :)" Jen (High Wycombe - Feb'17)

"Not emailing because I feel I have to, but I just wanted to say a big thank you for today. It was lovely to meet you and your energy has made me feel so uplifted and positive. My neck, shoulders and head feel so much better!" Emily (High Wycombe - Oct'16)

I can't recommend Jenny enough! Not only is she a wonderful reflexologist but also has such a calming aura that allows you to just be with her and relax. Melissa (Hazlemere - Oct'16)

"Jenny, thank you for today. Just what the doctor ordered! :)" Jen (High Wycombe - Oct'16)

"Thanks so much for looking after me so well, both with your Reflexology talents and words of wisdom. You have a special way with words, highlighting the exact scenario in simple metaphor so as the picture is seen so clearly." Yvonne (Beaconsfield - May'16)

"Amazing! I had been suffering with sciatica for a few months and decided that maybe Reflexology might be able to help. And it did and it has!! I had 3 sessions over a 3 month period and since my last session I have had no pain! Jenny is fab, in fact I call her "clever"! Would highly recommend her for any gripes or pains you may have." Clare (Penn - May'16)

"The best reflexology I have ever had and done in a blissful space and with nurture and support. It really does balance the mind body and spirit. It is a real haven." Kate (High Wycombe - May'16)

"Hi Jenny, just want to say thank you! I slept like a log, I have not been able to sleep like that for a long time." Musarat (Slough - Apr'16)

"The Davenports have been very close friends for many years. During some extremely difficult times they have always been there for our family and throughout somehow Jenny has known exactly what to say and how to best support us all. Initially, we put her amazing love & support down to being our wonderful friend. However, we now know it is so much more than this! Most recently, her spiritual gifts have totally amazed me in treating my 12 year old son, allowing him to open up about the painful loss of his father. Jenny’s healing hands and insights have been so incredible. Thank you for being my friend and healer." Joanna (Sunbury - Mar'16)

"Thank you so much for today. It was very insightful and just lovely!! Thank you." Mags (Slough - Feb'16)

"Highly recommend! I suffer from TMJ disorder and my friend got me a gift voucher for my birthday. We had a very comprehensive chat about my condition and pain points and nothing was too much bother! I had a Japanese Face Massage and Reflexology on Tuesday and it was absolutely bliss! It was very therapeutic for my face muscles and not at all painful. The room is set in beautiful surroundings with soothing music and scents. Here you are made to feel very welcome and can really forget the outside world and relax. I will be returning and recommending x" Gemma (Slough - Feb'16) 

"You will never regret a 'Jenny' experience. It's the thing I look forward to most when I think about the best way to relax, unwind and have some ''me time'. Definitely helps me regain my equilibrium. The Japanese Face Massage is sublime and Jenny's care and attention really puts you at your ease." Angie (Penn - Jan'16)

"Thank you Jenny for the the lovely presented gift vouchers & little goody bags to go with them. Have a lovely Christmas and I'll see you in the New Year." Caroline (Tylers Green - Dec'15)

"Jenny is the most amazing reflexologist for anyone that is interested. Local lady and phenomenal expertise. Cannot recommend highly enough!!" Gabby (Penn - Dec'15)

"Thank you for my reflexology today! Happy feet, happy heart!" Charlie (Maidenhead - Nov'15)

"Absolutely fabulous treatments. I floated home afterwards." Steve (Burnham - Nov'15)

"Love the reflexology and Indian head massage. Jenny puts so much into understanding you and personalising her treatments to meet your needs. A great sanctuary and haven for either the occasional treat or for ongoing TLC. Outstanding in every way. Thank you Jenny xx" Shameen (High Wycombe - Oct'15)

"My first treatment with Jenny was an Indian Head Massage. It was so good I just had to go back for a Japanese Face massage. I had the worst morning prior to going, went in quite tearful and came out with the biggest smile on my face. Wow that was amazing! I feel brand new and the added spiritual counselling was a god send. Thank you so much Jenny, you are amazing". Louise (High Wycombe - Jun'15)

"I have had an Indian Head Massage in the past, but Jenny was unbelievable, it was heaven! I went back a week later for another Indian Head Massage which I thouroghly enjoyed. Have also recommended it to friends too." Nita (High Wycombe - May'15)

"Jenny, thank you so much for my massage today, it was fabulous! What a warm, welcoming and tranquil space you have created at home. It matches your personality perfectly! See you again soon." Amy (Hazlemere - May'15)

"Jenny, thank you so much for your guidance recently. You are amazing - honestly! Every time I leave after a visit I feel so calm and 'more together'. You say things that really mean a lot and it's so comforting to know you understand. Very lucky to have found you - if only it had been a while ago!" Christina (Penn - May'15)

"Absolutely amazing! The best Reflexology session I have ever had. I feel amazing, like nothing before....refreshed relaxed & rejuvenated. Can't believe you are so local. Such a great session on so many levels. Thank you Jenny Davenport. xx" Kate (Tylers Green - Apr'15)

"Hi Jenny. Just wanted to let you know that had a good nights sleep last night and woke up headache free & feeling refreshed! Thank you so much for introducing me to Japanese Face Massage! I would love to try Reflexology next..." Amy (Hazlemere - Apr'15)

"Superb Top to Toe Treatment which consisted of a much needed Reflexology treatment and then a gorgeous Japanese Face Massage. I needed to stay the night I was so relaxed & calm and as important, pain free ! Absolutely wonderful, thank you once again Jenny ♥" Diane (Wooburn Green - Mar'15)

"Hi Jenny. Just to say I have received the gift voucher and it's beautifully presented! Thank you so much." Lucie (Aylesbury - Mar'15)

"Have had Reflexology and Japanese Face Massage! I work in the hair & beauty industry and have done for the last 30 something years! I have never experienced such an amazing service and technique. Jenny has healing hands! I fall into a deep sleep and wake up revived!!!! Don,t hesitate to visit, I can't wait for the next appointment!" Jacqui (Tylers Green - Mar'15)

"I had another amazing Reflexology treatment from Jenny yesterday. I was so relaxed in her cosy treatment room that I fell asleep. Jenny really is a very talented therapist." Sue (Chalfont St Peter - Mar'15)

"Just had my first treatment with Jenny. It was absolutely amazing. I had an Indian Head Massage and I feel completely relaxed and ready for the weekend ahead. Will definitely be going back for my birthday xx" Celine (High Wycombe - Feb'15)

"A fab Japanese Face massage today!! Left feeling like I was floating on air!! Thank you so very much Jenny!! x" Janice (Tylers Green - Feb'15)

"Thank you for my wonderful treatment yesterday. I really enjoyed it and will book again soon! Thanks again :-)." Joanna (High Wycombe - Nov'14)

"Hi Jenny, I had the best night’s sleep last night than I have had in a long time. It was lovely to meet you and that was a wonderful treatment. Thank you so very much." Shameen (High Wycombe - Oct'14)

"After every treatment with Jenny I leave feeling positive, re-invigorated, relaxed & refreshed. Jenny is a very lovely lady and excellent therapist. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends and family!" Rebecca (Gerrards Cross - Aug'14)

"Had an amazing treatment with Jenny last week. Reflexology followed by her new Japanese Neck and Face massage. Heaven! I highly recommend both, especially together!" Tania (Bracknell - Jul'14)

"Jenny, the Japanese Face Massage was amazing and unbelievably relaxing. Both treatments I've had from you have been the best couple of hours I've had for a long time....Thank you soooo much. xx" Kate (Tylers Green - Jul'14)

"I have enjoyed both Indian Head massage and Reflexology several times over the last 6 months. Very therapeutic and relaxing. Highly recommended by me for anyone who needs to de-stress. I have a 90 minute session booked this morning. 45 minutes each of head and feet which I'm very much looking forward to. Always leaves me walking on a cloud and recharged. I'm also keen to investigate the new Japanese face massage which sounds like an excellent addition to the other treatments Jenny offers. Just do it. Treat yourself. Book an appointment. You know you want to!" Martin (Beaconsfield - Jul'14)

I have been fortunate enough to try the Japanese Face Massage and all I can say is wow!! It fantastic! Thank you so very much Jenny!" Janice (Tylers Green - Jun'14)

"I had the pleasure of having a Japanese Facial Massage this morning and there just aren't enough was out of this world. Jenny has a perfect touch and perfect pressure. I was so relaxed by this treatment I actually fell asleep on the table. Jenny stayed professional and this is one treatment I will be having very often....just amazing!!!! Thank you Jenny for being such an amazing person xx" Sam (High Wycombe - Jun'14)

"I've had reflexology and a mini head massage by Jenny and it was pure BLISS! She's absolutely lovely and friendly but doesn't force conversation if you'd rather nod off (unlike previous therapists I've used!). Can't wait to come back for another treatment!" Anna (Burnham - Jun'14)

"Had an amazing Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage today. Thank you so much Jenny, it was truly wonderful. Love Di xx" Diane (Wooburn Green - Jun'14)

"I go to Jenny for Reflexology and Indian head massage. It's really relaxing and I find Reflexology has helped my health enormously. I used to get regular infections particularly during the Winter, but I have gone a whole year without antibiotics since I have been having Reflexology with Jenny. I would highly recommend." Vanessa (Tylers Green - May'14)

"Fantastic Reflexology today with Jenny. Am looking forward to more treatments soon!! Highly recommended xxx". Shani (Maidenhead - Apr'14)

"Thank you again Jenny for treating my ladies to such a relaxing pamper evening. The Reflexology was a great hit as always and hubbie was home in time to benefit from a treatment too...he even was quoted as saying, "a great way to recover from a very long drive home from a business trip, and I could even wear my slippers "!! Jenny, that is definitely a compliment (in case you wondered)!" Di @ C'est La Vie (Wooburn Green - Mar'14)

Thank you for spending the time on Elizabeth (10 yrs). She really enjoyed it (Reflexology) and went off to sleep with no problem tonight...a first in a long time so the Jenny magic worked!! Jane (Reigate - Mar'14)

"Lovely Jenny from Sole to Soul again went way over & above the call of my Reflexology therapy appointment. Gorgeous relaxing & therapeutic treatment with love & care. Thank you SO much you are a marvel Jenny Davenport. xx" Diane (Wooburn Green - Mar'14)

"Had the best Indian Head Massage today with Jenny, feel like all the tension has disappeared. Highly recommended! If anyone's stuck for a present idea for someone, get them this! Thank you so much!!! xxx" Lisa (Slough - Feb'14)

In response to above...."I had the same treatment from Jenny last week, blissful is the word! xx" Anna (Iver - Feb'14)

"I have to admit to a little bias here (husband!) but Jenny does possess a remarkable gift that you cannot fail to experience when under her care. She truly has healing hands. I believe in her so much that I've asked for a gift voucher for my birthday!" David (Tylers Green - Jan'14)

"Wonderful Indian Head Massage & wonderful Reflexology treatment with a truly remarkable Jenny today which calmed my soul and prepared my mind for better things. Thank you lovely lady. x" Diane (Wooburn Green - Jan'14)

"Loved my first Indian Head Massage with Jenny - felt so calm and peaceful afterwards. Highly recommended!!" Tessa (Wargrave - Nov'13)

"Dear Jenny, I just had to let you know how much you have helped me through your medium guidance. Little did I know that when you came here on holiday that you would make such a huge impact on my life. I have never had any experience of anything spiritual before in my life, but within five minutes of sitting with you, my problem seemed to have its answer and my mind put at rest. You totally amazed me, you instantly knew and understood my plight (even more so than I did) and guided me with such words of wisdom that gave me the confidence needed to tackle the problem. "Thank you", is not enough, but i feel I do not need to say more, because I am now sure that you know just how grateful I am. I am so glad that you have decided to go public with your much needed medium work, and I would urge anybody seeking your very special skills to trust in your professionalism, they will not be disappointed. Good luck to you and your family in the future." Tessa (Dulverton - Oct'13)

"I could not go without my monthly Reflexology with Jenny. She has what I call magical hands. She is so professional and I feel much better after her treatments. I am a back, neck and abdominal sufferer, and if it wasn't for Jenny I know I would be in a lot of pain. Thank you Jenny and God Bless. I would recommend her to all, no matter what age you are." Philip (Slough - Sep'13)

"I have had an Indian Head Massage with Jenny & it was fantastic. She really does have a magic touch - the best I've experienced so far." Alison (Stone - May'13)

"I had Reflexology with Jenny. It's so relaxing, I would come away on cloud 9! Jenny is so gentle with the feet, it relaxes mind, body & soul. I would definitely recommend this kind of therapy, it helped with my headaches and aches & pains. 5 star treatment with this lovely lady." Wendy (Windsor - Apr'13)

"Would definitely recommend an Indian Head Massage. I've never felt so relaxed and the gorgeous smells in the room & the professionalism from Jenny was amazing...will be doing it again." Samantha (High Wycombe - Apr'13)

"Having Reflexology from Jenny has made a real difference in my life. I was really stressed out and suffering with regular migraines & insomnia. Now I am able to sleep through the night without any broken sleep. Even if I get up to go to the bathroom at night I can go straight back to sleep. It has reduced my stress levels and has also made me focus on things I want from life in general. So thanks to Jenny - I would recommend her Reflexology to everyone!" Lakhvinder (Langley - Mar'13)

"Having gone to Jenny for a head massage I decided to try Reflexology as I was feeling really run down and in particular getting sinus headaches which sometimes lasted up to 3 days. I was amazed how intuitive reflexology was and felt that Jenny really understood where the underlying issues were - I haven't had a single headache since and am feeling miles better!!" Vanessa (Tylers Green - Nov'12)

"I would highly recommend Jenny for both Reflexology and Indian Head massage. I have had both treatments from her a number of times and they have made a huge difference in respect of stress, headaches and sleeping problems, which have greatly reduced since treatment. Her home is the perfect setting for the treatments as it is welcoming, cosy and comfortable, much easier to relax there than in a beauty salon. Its a lovely break from the chaos of my house and kids!!!!" (Louise - Loudwater - Oct'12)

"Have been going to Jenny for Indian Head massages. It's a great opportunity for some "me" time which I didn't have before and gives me time to switch off from work and the children. Much more reasonable prices than a salon. Great opportunity to relax in a lovely homely environment. Would highly recommend". Vanessa (Tylers Green - Sept'12)

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