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 Spiritual Guidance...

Being a Medium and an Empath gives me an interesting perspective on the world around me. I grew up knowing there was more to life than what we see with our eyes & hear with our ears. My Grandmother regularly received visits from departed loved ones and it was spoken about often and openly.

Twenty two years ago I had "the dream"; the one many reading this will have had. The one where it just feels too real, the colours are too vivid and the details are as alive in my mind now as they were then. The only difference is that...the people in my dream were no longer alive...and they were real!!

That was the start of the most amazing, but often challenging part of my life. How do I explain where words - both written and spoken - are coming from in today's orthodox world? How do I explain why I can often appear to read minds without appearing completely mad? How do I process the emotions of others when they are not mine?

Nowadays I simply accept what I do as the most amazing way to provide help & guidance to those who need it - to enlighten where needed, to provide direction to those who feel lost or confused and to "unstick" those who feel they have become stuck. The big lesson for us all is the knowledge that we don't always get what we want, but always what we need!

Please click the link to read the first piece of "channelled" writing I ever wrote. Many more were to follow often in poetry form. It's not lost on me that the first was called Trust!

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